Almost all inboard boat have “chine spray” which is the spray that comes off the side of the boat. If
you do not have the right set-up to your boom, this is especially aggravating when you are learning
your starts or tumble turns.

The good news is that this problem can be eliminated by using the correct boom for your boat along
with two boom extensions. Even the Malibu Barefooter Response has a bad chine spray that can be
eliminated by using two boom extensions put together as in the pictures below.

Why is this necessary? My whole instructional career has been spent teaching people to water ski, barefoot, and wakeboard WITHOUT Falling. In order to do this, I spend alot of time working the “sitting” positions (“Butt Glide” and “Three Point Position”). This is done around 20-25mph in barefooting and even slower for other types of skiing.

There is nothing more aggravating and demoralizing while they are learning than to have the spray off the side of the boat hitting you in the face! It is a simple problem to have with this solution.

Mike Seiple sometimes disagrees with me, but it is safe and much more comfortable and our booms are the only ones in the world strong enough to handle the critical extra length needed!

For free instructional videos on how to teach absolute beginners without falling, check out my sites below;

Learn to Barefoot Without Falling –

Learn to Wakeboard Without Falling –

Learn to Water Ski Without Falling –

Learn to Slalom Ski Without Falling –

Notice that my right hand is where the end of my Contour Boom ends. Because of the incredible
construction from Barefoot International, you can put two extensions together to eliminate this
problem that all inboard boaters have.

Once again, I have placed my hands to show you where the boom extension fits inbetween the two
pieces. If you do not have a Barefoot International Boom (you should) the extensions will still fit your
existing boom!

As a note for adjusting your boom, you will need to let your cables out in order to accommodate the
additional length. By moving your boom as close as you can towards your windshield, you will also
get further out of the spray.

I also use a rope to tie my boom to the back of the boat to prevent the boom from bouncing and
rubbing up against my seat. I add a boat cushion under the boom for addition protection and height.

2 Boom Extensions B110 x2

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