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Young Children and Barefoot Skiing — The Many Benefits


Kids have so much energy to let out. Thankfully, there are so many different outlets that will allow them to release all the energy. Young children and barefoot skiing are actually a great combo. There are so many benefits when your child joins a sports team or picks up something that they’re passionate about. So, [...]

Young Children and Barefoot Skiing — The Many Benefits2019-09-06T16:28:55+00:00

Walk On Water… Walk On Hands


Walk On Water… Walk On Hands "If you want to reach a goal, you must 'see the reaching' in your own mind before you can actually arrive at your goal."- Zig Ziglar Strong Shoulders can be fun and great for barefooting and your health![0]=68.ARBavqehEX55jUJvAOagsYDB1GEG_0VnW8x0uxKgZaAtA5XnMGzclcUAiSb-XTJgTRp7dt7dI7Z95EgxoYiwDFuiwm-nYYxYjYhi4h_F7uWPCsI63JERAPazr8sVANObGt7rSi5pqIn5RZmyhv1R93k_LDTgXYjnA4Gvvaw4gJKeS8vEBbkBbp9E3Sp_rthbp7jcG2PYKY14oznevI6ufqJkRpXbCi4wy9D0Ni6RxWeDKLOkQ32SChTWXUF8mDi_QqCdQHksF3zdtJ9GMgjlpsMEqIDqUL0Lv8aprFYe2-TzdnUAONNxqGIj4IGaE9hSHLo0GBeOt-ItkjZCR3w3Q9nz0WZHW-0nddHEXYFqKlWzWV4tP-d0Pxyp-ZDt4a52mcSxIRsEFUgYzQ_DSFyfm36VBxZ2py505WEHNUJ6x2SFmIfTSSD-lQUY&__tn__=C-R You are a trillion dollar machine who can do [...]

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