Barefoot International Boom Installation


Congratulations on one of the best buying decisions you have ever made! If you are on this page it is because you have purchased a Barefoot International boom from Below is a collection of both the Barefoot International boom installation instructions in pdf format as well as my video tutorials.

World Class Boom installation support. Nowhere in the world is there the opportunity to get world-class support and service for installing your Barefoot International boom except here on

Barefoot International boom installation

Barefoot International boom installation

Type of Barefoot International Boom

Because I personally help everyone who needs it, I do not have time to hop onto phone calls with everyone. But, I guarantee that I will help you in the most efficient manner.

Before TEXTing me, please read the installation pdf for the boom you have which is also located lower on this page.

How to take advantage of my free installation help:

Step 1: I need to know the year, make, and model of the boat you have
Step 2: I need to know the model number of the boom you purchased (it is on your receipt)
Step 3: I need the name or email your boom was ordered under
Step 4: TEXT your info to 863-269-0786 as well as a picture of what stage you need help with now.

This is the most effective way to get fast and friendly help. If you do not follow these steps, it may dramatically slow my installation help as I may be out on my boat, with my family, or away from my computer so please be kind and do not expect me to remember your exact information as I very well could be handling many people at the same time.

I pride myself on making sure you get world-class customer support. It is my personal expectation to blow you away with how available I make myself to be sure you are safe, setup quickly, and most importantly ready to get your kids or yourself safely on the water 🙂

When we are finished, please email me high-quality pictures of your setup from a high enough position to see your boom, mounting, and cables to [email protected]

You may also TEXT me, but I must have an email copy so I can look closely.

Problems: What if something goes wrong?

If something goes wrong and you do not know how to resolve it, please be patient and allow time for me or Barefoot International support to review your setup, challenge, and pictures by emailing high quality well lit pictures of what you are dealing with to [email protected] Do not send more than one email on the same installation. This email needs to have the following info:

Step 1: I need to know the year, make, and model of the boat you have
Step 2: I need to know the model number of the boom you purchased (it is on your receipt)
Step 3: I need the name or email your boom was ordered under

Do not attempt to return a boom without going through this complete procedure. Failure to do so will bring us right back to square one of this process.

If we told you this boom would fit your boat and we have determined that it will not fit your boat, we will refund your purchase and help you get a different boom that will work. If there is no boom that will fit your boat, then we will refund your money as long as you have followed our support steps within 30 days.

The good news of 4Xs Buyer Protection:

We also just added a free service for all orders placed through the link below or on our site called 4Xs Buyer Protection which is FREE to you.
It is pretty awesome and should give you even more confidence in your investment!

Return policy

Here is my b202 Boom installation video. This applies to any mid-engine direct drive as well as Vdrive booms. Although your situation may have a longer or shorter windshield, or you may be installing your boom on the rear pylon of a Vdrive boat, the same principles apply. See my Installation pdf links below.

Barefoot International Boom installation pdf’s

  1. Barefoot International Boom installation pdf

  2. Barefoot International Vdrive boom installation pdf

  3. Barefoot International Tower boom Installation pdf

  4. Barefoot International Tower boom Installation 2 pdf

  5. Barefoot International Gunnel Mount boom installation pdf


Here is my install video for a G3 Tower Boom (W209 Tower boom) which may be different from yours
but that has all the same basics.


Here is my installation video for a ZFT4 Tower Boom. You just need to make sure that your tubing is 2.25-2.5 inches.


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