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Barefooting Glide and the Secrets to Making It Look Easy

One of my passions is helping barefooters like you learn to get that dream barefooting glide across the water that you have dreamed about.

What is glide?

In barefooting, I came up with the 3 principles that are key to becoming a great barefooter and they are;

  1. Posture
  2. Glide
  3. PowerBand

Barefooting glide (we are talking forwards here) is simply getting the most surface area of your foot on the water safely. More specifically, using every available inch of the bottom of your foot from the heel forward to the ball of your foot!

Any MORE area of your foot on the water than this is dangerous.

Any LESS area of your foot on the water creates resistance that works against your goal of barefooting as effortlessly as possible.

Many look at top barefooters and say that they make it look easy. The reality is that,

“We never said it was easy. We just said it was cool.”

Learning the barefooting glide is the foundation of my No Fall Barefooting Method which I use to teach anyone from 4 years old to 400lbs how to barefoot at super slow speeds and without falling.

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What are the benefits of having a great barefooting glide?

  1. Slower boat speeds possible
  2. safer
  3. less effort
  4. foundational to every other barefooting trick

How do you learn a great barefooting glide?

I love helping people learn to experience the dream of a great barefooting glide for themselves because it makes barefooting feel effortless and fun.

How can you evaluate your glide?

In calm water, get a picture or video of your position and evaluate based on the following;

  1. Are your ankles fully flexed with a flat foot?
  2. Are your toes cranked up or is your ankle flexed with a flat foot?
  3. If you drop a plumb line from the front of your knee, is your ankle in front or behind that line?
  4. can you barefoot at slow speeds? or do you feel you need warp speeds?
  5. Do you feel like your barefooting is relaxed or that it takes a ton of strength?
  6. Can you see almost all of your foot or is it covered in the spray?
  7. Can you breathe or are you covered in spray 🙂

I like to tell students who come and take lessons with me personally down here in “sunny Winter Haven, Fl” the same thing:

“If you do not mind me insulting your intelligence and making it too easy for you, we can build this glide the right way and safely.”

The easiest way to do that is by using my No Fall Barefooting Method that I feature on the DVD with the same title.

No matter how advanced you are, you can probably improve your glide. Starting over with this method is actually the quickest way for someone who has never experienced the barefooting glide.

Why not just tell me what I need to change and then I just make the adjustments as I am barefooting?

Actually, you can definitely do that, but my experience is that it is more difficult to implement the barefooting glide unless you are very experienced and have great control over your body.

If you enjoyed my free barefooting tips, please do me a favor and share this with a friend and on social media so I can help them as well.

Please leave me a comment below and rate your glide. I am happy to help you improve it.

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