Barefoot skiing is challenging enough without flying bull sharks.
Most people just want to learn to barefoot!

Last night, I see my FB friends, Ryan Lloyd and Scott West, post a video of their barefoot skiing runs
somewhere near Brisbane, Australia. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and until he actually showed
me the stills he pulled from the video.

Check it out

These guys are barefooting on an outboard and it looks like they are using one of our Super Fly Highs
based on the angle of the rope.

I have seen tons of footage of those flying carp that get excited by the noise of the boat and the turbulence
as well. These things jump out of the water and have been known to hurt people seriously just from the
sheer impact of their 10-20lb bodies!

When he said it was a shark, I pressed him on it as it did not seem like something a shark would do, and
I was SURE there was no way that this was going to be a shark that leaped into the air and BARELY missed
him while he was footing facing away.

Why are there sharks in the water?

Apparently, it is mullet season on that side of the equator and these guys are feeding!

How much damage do you think a 50-100lb + bull shark with razor-sharp teeth would do if it hit you at
backward barefoot skiing speed? (I am guessing these guys are at 40-42mph)!

I don’t even want to think about the damage, but I am so psyched that these guys are not only ok,
but that they caught this on film for us all to check out!

Scott and Ryan, I can definitely help you crank that back slalom into consistent back one-foot slalom if you
are reading this and interested! One less foot in the water to get hammered by flying sharks!

That reminds me…, I am starting a Barefoot Skiing remote coaching program where I help you achieve
your barefooting goals with one-on-one calls and personalized analysis of your videos with all
the step-by-step advice to walk you through to the promise land of your barefooting goals!

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