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If you’ve been taking lessons from us, in person or through our DVDs, we bet you’re eager to get onto some lakes. The thrill of wakeboarding is running through your veins. We get it. So, here are some of the best barefoot skiing spots in Florida to get you started.

“The Big O”

That’s what the locals it. Lake Okeechobee is the second largest lake in Florida and largest in the U.S. Come play on the largest playground. There are also other recreational options at the beach. It’s also ideal for relaxing after a long day of hitting the water.

Lake Dora

Then, there’s this slice of water. With an abundance of wildlife, this lake will be an interesting one for barefoot skiing. For locals, this is a popular location for bass fishing. But the more adventurous thing to do would be to hop on a board and hit the water.

Blue Lake

Finally, the highly sought-after location. It’s even been named the top four lakes for wakeboarding by Matador Network. Ever since X-Games Gold Medalist, Danny Harf, filmed his wakeboarding video there, fans have been trying to share this barefoot skiing spot.

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