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If you have ever been frustrated because you do not know the right barefoot skiing speeds for the exact trick you are working on, click the PLAY button below to get the exact advice you need. I am also including the exact links for the barefoot skiing speeds for each individual trick below so you only have to click 🙂

Barefoot Skiing Speeds Not Like THis

Barefoot Skiing Speeds Not Like THIS




















Hi Lane.

Thanks for all your emails and videos.   Keeps me pumped and ready for the upcoming season.

Hey – one thing i always struggle with, especially as i try to get my wife or son to drive for me (instead of my usual BF-ski buddy, Chris) — is the speeds.  Can you help give me a good guide to go by? I’m 57 yrs old, in pretty good shape. And i weigh about 167 lbs, depending on the beer vs exercise ratio :). We almost always ski on the boom, set high as we can, with a 5′ handle

Std 2 feet

One Foot (including Toe Hold)

Side slide  (im still learning this one) 

back deep – gliding with foot on the rope

back – initial plant speed

back – cruising

Back 1 foot    (im still learning this one)

back to front (if you recall, i was only doing these with shoe skis)    (im still learning this one)

ALSO …  do these speeds change of we go long line instead of the boom?

ALSO  … i would like to know all of these, without shoe skis and with  shoe skis (I have the model you show in your videos, with the kinda flat plate, the strap, and the fat bunji behind the heel).  Especially want the shoe ski speed for learning the items i indicate above.



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