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Barefooting Skiing Boosts Immunity 800%



















I would not call this information that Barefoot Skiing boosts immunity 800% approved by the CDC or other scientific community, but I do know from experience that when someone barefoots, there is something magical that happens in their body that literally transforms them. I believe it even extends your life.

The picture above is of Banana George Blair and I was taken probably 30 years ago on his boat on Lake Florence, Winter Haven, Florida. My buddy, Casey Scalise and I were living on $25/week for food out of the bunk house at Barefoot International down in Lantana Florida and training with Mike Seipel in an attempt to make the United States World Barefoot Ski Team.

We knew that if we could make the 3 hour drive to see Banana George, that once we got there, everything else would be covered because BG was a magnanimous person who loved to have us visit.

This began a long relationship that brought me to help BG barefoot as long as he could.

But here is the interesting part…

I started to notice a pattern.

Every time we barefooted, there seemed to be a euphoria that was undeniable.

I have seen this in may many people, but it is always very prevalent in my older crowd.

The older the client was in years, the more obvious it became to me.

Barefoot Skiing boosts immunity 800%

Barefoot Skiing boosts immunity 800%


Here is a list of my personal observations after a barefoot skiing session:

  1. EVERY time someone barefoots, they appear to get an incredible boost to their entire person.
  2. After a great outing of barefoot skiing, they would walk with a spring in their step.
  3. There was an obvious increase in their vitality.
  4. There mood would change
  5. their words were more packed with excitement
  6. they were anxious to share their experience with others via pictures, text, social media
  7. they were thankful


Of course, this was only the case when safe barefooting was involved because if there was an ass whooping on the water, then

that could lead in the opposite direction, but because of how I taught and because I mainly hung around smart barefooters, the results were amazing.

Do me a favor and leave me a comment and let me know if you found the same thing in your barefoot skiing or if you would like help tapping into this major boost to your immune system and life 🙂

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  1. Tim Hodgkins March 14, 2020 at 7:43 am - Reply

    It’s George Blair and ME, not I !! However, you’re right about euphoria and that’s a good feeling. It usually comes most about a nanosecond before a great fall, inevitably in front of the crowd of folk looking on in amazement. Happy daze!

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