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Barefoot Skiing at 23 mph Behind the Boat is Not a Myth

Every single day I enjoy helping people find out the truth about barefooting skiing. The truth is that anyone between 4 years old and 400lbs can learn how to barefoot at super slow speeds and without falling. You can learn barefoot skiing at 23mph!

Plain and simple.

I love show skiing because it is the best way to help the public get to see the amazing beauty and power of water skiing. We still have the LegoLand Waterski Show down here in Winter Haven Florida which has kept the show skiing alive that existed when it was Cypress Gardens.

The only problem with most show skiing is that they practice in the wrong conditions and at very high speeds which spreads the belief that barefooting is dangerous and that most people fall hard. This wrong belief has spread faster than the corona virus and most people and even ski schools still believe it is true.

I have taught thousands to barefoot skiing at 23mph and without falling using my now world famous No Fall Barefooting Method.

You can learn it too!

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Here is a video I made years ago and even though the audio is not great because it was shot before the iPhone mics got better, I know you will enjoy seeing how you could learn to barefoot safely at slow speeds and without falling.


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