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The average person may be surprised at the miracles that are possible when you barefoot ski. There is something magical about getting in touch with nature in such a unique way— skiing across the water with nothing but your bare feet! Breaking the barrier between human and the earth has profound impact, and it doesn’t discriminate based on age, ability, or other characteristic.

The story of Michael

A disabled veteran who was told he’d never walk again, Michael is probably not who comes to mind when you think of the ideal barefooting student. But despite his medical history, he has found new joy and hope through getting on water with Lane ‘Dawg’ Bowers. Michael was actually 65 years old when he started barefooting, and he has a medical history including bulging/herniated discs in all three spinal regions, a tricky shoulder, and three kinds of arthritis.

Despite his complex medical history, he didn’t let fear or doubt get to him. After a double laminectomy, Michael braved the waters and got something amazing out of it: complete bliss on the water. Here’s proof that you can seek adventure at any age despite major challenges.

“This is like every dream I’ve had for the last 2 years!”

Like Michael, you too can live out your greatest dreams.

A miracle a century in the making

Usually when someone reaches 100 years old, you don’t expect much from them besides staying at home and playing cards. Dick Grant definitely doesn’t fit that stereotype. While he hasn’t quite hit being around for a century, he is 86 and still has the energy of someone decades younger. He actually only first hit the water at the age of 70. We are optimistic that in a few years, Dick will become the first 100-year-old barefoot skier in the world.

In fact, barefooting is a wonderful way for older adults to maintain their health. It’s an effective way to stay active, keep blood pressure low, and reduce chances of colon cancer. Beyond the physical health effects, Lane has seen first hand the incredible psychological effects that barefoot skiing has on people. After a session, they have a pep in their step and an insatiable urge to tell everyone about their experience. Their mood is completely lifted— almost like they’re a new person. This just goes to show that barefooting is a form of therapy– it lifts you up in ways you can’t fully imagine until you’ve tried it. 

The kids are alright

Older adults aren’t the only ones giving it their all on the water. Lane has seen the miracles of children as young as four have a blast and get active by learning how to barefoot ski. There truly isn’t an age limit or any other restriction on who can barefoot. Whatever your age, you can begin the exhilarating experience anytime with online instructions.

Opening your child’s world to the possibilities of barefooting will likely lead to more confidence and success in all areas of their life. When their friends at school ask what they did this weekend, they’ll get infinite cool points when they’re the only ones to say: “I skied on the water with no shoes on!”

If you’re stuck at home, now is the perfect time to learn something new and keep mind/body energy active through Lane’s virtual barefooting ski school!


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