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“The Barefoot International Boom is too Expensive.”

A lot of people see the amazing videos of how much easier and safer you can teach kids and family members to ski at super slow speeds
and without falling, like this video…


but when they get the quote for what their boat needs…

Some reply that our boom is too expensive.

I get it.

You have to justify it to your wife. You ponder that you could do alot of other
things with that money.

I just went through this exact conversation with a German client who wanted to
teach his grandkids but he felt there was no way our boom was worth
THAT kind of money. Even though the boom for his boat could have been just under $600,
I told him that since he is concentrating on beginners and teaching alot of kids it would be work
getting our Ultimate Gunnel Mount Boom Setup for his 2011 Stingray 195x…

He reluctantly trusted me after I showed him videos of some of my students, like 84 year old
Dick Grant. He said he was a retired Dr., German, and had very high standards that were difficult
to meet.

3 weeks later…

Here is what he said by text JUST this morning:

Boom is too expensive

Boom is too expensive

“Our reputations are intact. Boom is awesome.
Definitely meets German engineering standards.
Great fun by all. From 6-year-old granddaughter,
20 something nephews (already talking barefoot),
30 something daughter in law, 50 something sister
in law, and 60 something me.
Everyone got up and wanted to “go again.”
Mike was very helpful during installation.
Great product, excellent support. Thank you.”
– Henry, 66-year-old happy client

Here is my “too much money” speech 🙂

Our booms are made here in the good ole’ USA in Milwaukee and are tested to
withstand a lifetime of punishment.

Check out me teaching the world’s strongest man, Phil Pfister, how to barefoot
on our boom. Phil is 6’8″ and 385lbs…

Here is me teaching an 80-year-old who learned to barefoot with me
when he was 70 years old.

Here is what some of our customers have said about us:

“Yesterday my 8 and 9-year-old boys, went through your technique on the bank first then in the water.
Both boys straight up no spills, they were stoked!! Then their mum who has never been able to get
up on single, we got her up and out of the water. Having a great summer here in Oz,
a BIG THANKYOU man we will use your tips always.”
—Darrell Hill, Sydney, NSW AUS

“”Lane, the boom bar is excellent and the service and professionalism and expediency from the time
of placing the order is nothing short of outstanding. Thank you!””
— Bruce Doherty, Wauchope, NSW Australia

“Hi All at Footers Edge, 
Thanks for your AAA+++ Professional service when I purchased a Gunnel Mount Boom
for my Ramsay Puma ski boat. The quality of service was remarkable from enquiry to completion of transaction
(even now in the follow up), my location is in Sydney Australia and I could not be happier with the product or the customer service.

The entire transaction was smooth and any of my questions or concerns were addressed and communicated efficiently.
Also the shipment and delivery was of the boom was very prompt. I recommend Footers Edge/Barefoot International to
any consumer out there whether it is international (like me) or local.

Top job guys, your customer service is of the highest quality I have ever seen, don’t change a thing.
All the way from Oz 
— Matt Putland, Sydney AUS

“Hi Lane, 
I should have invested in this boom years ago. Yes, I love it. I taught 3 people to wakeboard,
1 to water ski, and another to tumble turn all in one hour without any stress at all. It will pay for itself in a very short time with fuel saved. It is not even the awesome service and incredible equipment, the best
part is having a world class expert who actually cares enough to show you how to learn safely without

Thanks, heaps, 
— Roger Rouse, Auckland NZ

We will be following up with you to walk you through the installation over the phone. We will stay with you as long as it takes for you to get setup safely and happily. We take great pride in our follow up to make sure you are happy and bragging on us to your friends 🙂


“My son had been trying to learn to barefoot ski for a couple of years. I have never done this before so
I was not able to provide any instruction. Most of the learning he obtained was through videos. Our boat is a bowrider I/O with a tower. He ran across the idea of having a boom on the tower of our boat to help him. I think he knew the mechanics he just couldn’t get it. The day I installed Lane “Dawg” Bowers boom he was barefootin’ and having a blast. By the end of the weekend, he was on a five-foot rope!
The next weekend he was trying tricks and even though he has still not been able to long line I’m sure given the increased confidence the boom gave him it won’t be long. Thanks, Dawg for the great product and the customer service that has been outstanding. The tower was shipped when they said it would and arrived in perfect shape. The instructions were easy to understand and fairly easy to install.
I am and will continue to be a customer.”

Thanks again Dawg!

If you do not get a quick response from me in the future, feel
free to either TEXT me at 863-269-0786 or message me on
FB at

“Expect a Miracle!”
Lane “Dawg” Bowers

Here’s a cool new video I did with my 12-year-old, Zane…



  1. J.d June 19, 2020 at 10:55 am - Reply

    👍. So glad to hear all the great ski/barefoot success stories.i have had three different boats all of which I outfitted with Barefoot international booms and equipment. In my experience this is something you do not want to take a chance on. Recently I just put a tower boom on my Malibu wakesetter with help from Lane. It Is an amazing piece of equipment that I have already used to teach many of my kids friends to ski and barefoot gives me great confidence teaching and driving when I know I have the best equipment money can buy.The smiles of success on their faces say it all!
    Cheers and hope everyone is safe.


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