Barefoot Handles & Ropes

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Blue Spectra Rope & Handle Combo

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Barefoot SPECTRA Fusion Line Combo With 15″ Handle



Barefoot Jump SPECTRA Fusion

“White” (70 ft)

This is the ultimate in NO Stretch that is used by competitors around the world becauseof its absolute rock hard qualities. This is the safest rope for barefoot jumping andis THE standard!

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Poly E Plus – B227

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Backwards Toe-hold Handle – B222

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12″ Jump Handle – B226

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Front-ToeBear Trap – B221

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Front-Toe Handle – B219

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Puppy Paw Front-Toe Handle – BPAW

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Starts handle with T-bar – B224

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This bag is made to be durable so it is going to last a long time. The two compartments keep your wet and dry equipment seperate while the vented mesh of the wet compartment allows your gear to dry.

“I travel around the world with this bag and it rocks!” – Lane “Dawg” Bowers

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