#54 Barefoot Band Aides #4

“When one door closes, another opens. But we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” –Alexander Graham Bell, American Inventor/Scientist

“Failure is the only opportunity to begin again more intelligently.”
–Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Company/Inventor

I am adding a new segment to my newsletter called ‘Short Attention Span Theatre.’ This is going to be a quick information burst that will be able to cover more ground and skiing levels all in one email! You might find this useful.

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I believe this will be a great way for you to see how problems from a wide variety of barefoot water skiers from all over the world can be handled! It should be a great addition to our Trauma Center (https://www.thefootersedge.com/equipment/articles_listed.html ) where ALL my articles are available to you for free!

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Here we go!

#1 Back Deep Splits?!

“I was making every back deep I did on the boom so I decided to take the back deeps long line. I got half way up and then my left leg decided to go in an unnatural direction and I have a severe glute pull. No matter how hard I try my legs just want to rip apart. I am trying so hard to bring my legs together but just can’t. Any suggestions? I was so close. A couple things I think I was doing, not pushing my chest
down enough and not turning my toes inward. (pigeon) Also I occasionally catch a heel, what causes this.

Thank you!!!!!!!!

Lanemus Maximus: Although this could be a strength issues, I believe that your problem can be fixed by adjusting your foot ANGLE in the water. Place your feet in the water at a 45 degree angle being careful to keep your ANKLE from touching the water. I cover this extensively on both of my articles on back deeps at https://www.thefootersedge.com/equipment/articles_listed.html You will immediately feel more powerful with this position and it will enable you to be in control of your legs. No more “Van Dammes!” (legs split scene from Jean-Claude Van Damme Movie.)

#2 Back Toe-up

“The back toe up in the e-book was tough to follow. Most interested in position after the plant into and thru the transition as well as the proper driving technique. When you’re free… the tips all add up and I thank you.”

Lanemus Maximus: The key to this is planting your foot in a fully flexed ankle position like I describe in my article on The Ultra Mega Glide (https://www.thefootersedge.com/equipment/articles_listed.html) The next big key is to keep your foot from plowing by Squeezing your butt into the air as I describe for my principle, The Power Band (Trauma Center). Press down on your hands to help you achieve

the Power Band quicklyand you will be able to hold this unusual three point position

long enough toFeel like standing up. This should be driven at a medium
Acceleration with a high boom and to a speed slower than
Your back one foot speed

#3 What is the porpoise of the back deep?

“I have been working on back deeps on the 5-foot line. I have watched your video numerous times and have read all your articles on this subject. I’m stuck in the planeing section because I start porpoising. Boat speed is as you require 8-10 miles per hour. I’m stuck in a rut any words of wisdom?

Mark B. Vogel”

Lanemus Maximus: This is caused when the pull of the boat is not coming from your hips. There are several causes; arms are not fully relaxed without bend, bent knees (there should be NO BEND in the first two satges!), pushing down on rope with feet (use only one foot on rope keeping other foot straight and pointed!). If the porpoising comes after you have achieved a good plane with your feet off of the rope, you have allowed the pull into your shoulders which can be quickly fixed by keeping your hips higher than your shoulders! I.e. push down on your chest and/or push up with your hips!
https://www.thefootersedge.com/equipment/articles_listed.html read NFTE #6, #9, #14 #4 Back Tumble-up!
“If your looking for articles to write, I’d take one on the flying back tumble up start. Specifically, how to stop bouncing once the skier has made it out of the wake!


Lanemus Maximus: I will definitely have to do an entire article on this one, but for now I will have to just answer the specific problem. After getting outside the wake, if you start bouncing, simply lean onto one hip instead of staying flat on both hips. I find it helpful during this start to be on hip or the other until after the handle pass!

#5 Cheeking out on a long-line front deep!

“How do I rock (“cheek out”) over that wake on a long line (100 ft)


Lanemus Maximus: I love helping people learn this as “Cheeking out” becomes one of the first cool things you can learn behind the boat! This is tremendously easier with a great barefoot suit AND PADDED BAREFOOT SHORTS! (https://www.thefootersedge.com/equipment/index.html) Keep the boat below 25 mph (if over 250lbs., then below 30 mph). As soon as you can sit up into your butt glide position, start practicing your first butt slalom by leaning to one side and then the other while staying inside the wake. As your momentum increases you will be able to “cheek out” or edge to one side or
the other. The biggest factors here are equipment, boat speedand setting your edge on one butt cheek or the other while maintaining the handle position as described in my article on the
long-line front deep at The Trauma Center https://www.thefootersedge.com/equipment/articles_listed.html
NFTE #19

#6 Front One-foot wobbles!

“When I attempt one foots, my foot wobbles 2-3
inches back and forth beneath me. How can I
eliminate the wobble?

I have your video and have read your e-book. (They’re great!) I believe my posture is good (including angle) and that the boat speed is correct. I’m 160 lbs. and trying one foots on the 5′ line at 38 mph.

Thanks for your advice!

Patrick Bryant”

Lanemus Maximus: This could be a strength issue but it could Also be a matter of having your butt too low to the water which, in turn, can make your leg fatigue too early. Try keeping the bottom of your butt about six inched higher than the top of your knee. Also be sure to practice being “soft” in your knee practicingmy “Bouncy Trouncy Tigger the Tiger” exercise in my articleof the same name at https://www.thefootersedge.com/equipment/articles_listed.html

I hope this is going to help you achieve your own miracle in barefoot water skiing! Please remember to email me back your questions with the subject heading “Short Attention Span Theatre”to [email protected]