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“The key to life is twofold. One needs to believe in his heart and confess with his mouth. Along the same lines, one needs to have balance in his life. He should strive to become strong spiritually, mentally, and physically. Also, remember that success is finding a need and filling it. It is not what one accomplishes that makes him grow, but the hurdles or obstacles he has to overcome. So believe in yourself, be disciplined, strive for that balance, and keep the faith.”

“Question:  (#1)On a long line front toe-up, should I use an open toe handle or do I need a bear strap?

(#6)I would like to see instructions on a back toe-up. (#2,3,4,5)I have heard of people who can do this trick but they can’t do a back one-foot.  Do people do this in competition?  Do I use a front toe handle? Is this trick easy on the boom but difficult on the long line?

I really enjoy the newsletter.  Keep it coming!!


Well there Joey, I am going to answer these questions for you and encourage any of you others out there to put your questions down into an email and I will answer them also. It might take me some time as I am wading through a little over 200 emails currently, but I will answer everyone! I hope you all enjoy this format.

There are several questions here and I will answer them one at a time.

#1 I recommend using an open toe until you are proficient at the toe-up so that you avoid possible injury from not having the handle release early in a fall. For people who cannot keep the handle on their foot, use a “big bare-trap”. This is a front bare trap handle that does not close completely because of a spacer placed in the front of the strap. I personally enjoy using a BIG BEAR front toe with a tractor grip handle, but I teach my students using a front open toe handle! NEVER start the learning process in a bear trap handle!!! Yes, that means you!

#2 You are definitely not doing yourself any favors by attempting to learn a back toe-up before learning a back one foot! That’s right, I am specifically telling you not to attempt a back toe-up without the critical foundation of understanding back one foots and back toes! You will become a much better skier by learning the back one foots on both feet, then the back toe-holds on both feet, and then the back toe-up on both feet. I will be honest with you here. I did not follow this order as I decided that the back toe holds were causing me too much grief! But, I also didn’t have someone who really understood how to teach me the finer points of learning the back toe holds! I also bear permanent scars on my feet from having the skin ripped off my feet attempting the back toe-ups in high speed “hail Mary” fashion. So do not follow my stupid mistakes. Learn the right way and you will become an animal on the water!!!

#3 Currently the back toe-up is not a popular start in competitions, but I think that now with the use of Fly Highs in ALL tournaments, this start might become more popular! I have not personally seen anyone as yet to have done this start in a competition!

#4 Do I use a front toe-handle?  YES! This is the only good way to do this.  Place your foot in the strap like you are doing a front toe-hold and then roll over once it is secure (I am describing the way to do it on the boom!). I am not validating that it is the right trick for you by telling this to you. AS I said above (#1), this should be learned after perfecting your back one foots and toe-holds.

#5 This trick is DEFINTITELY easier on the boom than on the long-line, but with the use of the Fly High, it has become much easier. Also, the way that I recommend doing it long-line is to come-up like your are doing a front-toe-up, and then edging outside the wake and setting up in the curl.  When the boat settles at around 35 (depends on the skiing ability and weight of the skier), roll over onto your stomach and plant your foot like you would on the boom. I recommend planning this so that your planted foot is next to the wake.

This trick is a great trick that is fun to watch. If you learn it at the proper time in your skiing  career, and if you learn it with good instruction, you will love performing the back toe-up!

 Also,  please help me out and forward this to as many footers or even potential footers  as you can. This will help to make this newsletter a BIG success! We want everyone to have a GREAT chance to achieve their own miracles!

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