Back to Front Barefooting Homework

Welcome to my 6th free Virtual Ski School give-a-way during the quarantine. If you have ever wanted to learn a back to front, you had better check off your back to front barefooting homework.

Get ready for high-value distance learning from the world’s best barefoot skiing source.

Jeffrey R wires,

Hey Lane,

Wanted your opinion on how my backwards barefoot position was looking. Was looking to work surface turns more this year and wanted to see if there was anything I could change to make them easier. That speed right there is probably around 32 mph btw.


Jeffrey R”

Getting ready for your back to front barefooting homework!

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Your studly well-connected barefooting friend,

[insert YOUR NAME here]



Back to Front Barefooting Homework cheat sheet:

  1. Get into the Slowest speed at which you are gliding the best
  2. Your PowerBand, Shoulder Roll, and Meathook Position are great!
  3. Move around – Bouncy Trouncy Tigger The Tiger
  4. Back one-foots, b-2-f on shoes, then on your feet.

Back to Front

Back One foots 

Bouncy Trouncy 

Back toe holds

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