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Master the Sport of Barefoot Skiing

Has it ever been a dream of yours to learn and master the sport of Barefoot Skiing? What if you could learn safely, slowly, and without falling. You can now achieve this goal for yourself and your kids.

The feeling of being on top of the water gliding across the lake with your bare feet and no skis is indescribable. I’m obsessed with the feeling, that’s why I’m so passionate about the sport. You’ll never know this feeling unless you get out there and start learning. Footer’s Edge makes sure you learn the basics of Barefooting before you get into the more difficult stuff.

Once you learn how to barefoot ski, you won’t want to get off the lake. People always ask me if you have to be very athletic to learn how to barefoot ski… The answer is simple. No! I am very proficient at teaching people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds how to barefoot ski. The more difficult the challenge the more I take it upon myself to ensure that you get your own private miracle. Barefoot Skiing is the future of watersports!

Contact The Footer’s Edge today if you have any questions or you’re still unsure about learning how to barefoot ski. Don’t turn down this epic opportunity!


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