Celebrate with Dick Grant for his 87-Year-Old Barefooter Birthday Wish. Dick Grant’s 87th birthday is in two months, but he had to get his annual lesson at TheFootersEdge so he could feed off of the exhilaration for another year. Dick Grant is an inspiration and in this video, I kept the music out so you could pick up the instructional tips!

87-Year-Old Barefooter Birthday Wish was to barefoot without falling or getting hurt and that is exactly what happened. Also, you can see some great tips for improving your tumble turns. My son, Zane, worked on his tumble turns and this one tip made them 30% easier immediately!

Dick Grant Testimonial

Dick Grant Testimonial

Dick Grant 87-year-old barefooter

























Also, watch as I improve Zane’s backward barefoot form by getting his backward position to a more confident and efficient position. In this video, you will see the following real-time barefoot tips;

  1. Bouncy Trouncy Tigger the Tiger
  2. Resistance Theory of Backward barefooting


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