2004 Nautique 206 Barefoot Boom Options

2004 Nautique 206 Barefoot Boom Options

2004 Correct Craft Nautique 206 Barefoot Boom Options
















If you have a 2004 Nautique 206 and you are looking for the easiest way to help teach your kids to get up on waterskis, wakeboard, slalom ski, wakesurf, wakeskate, or barefoot, then you want a Barefoot International Barefoot Boom. This boat is an amazing boat for a boom, but in case you do not have this specific boat, I want you to know this…

“We have a boom to fit every boat and a tower boom to fit the round tubing of any wakeboard tower.”

“The Barefoot International Boom is the easiest way to learn to waterski, wakeboard, and barefoot at slow speeds and without falling.”

Uncle Bob no longer has to pull his hammy trying to show you how awesome he was ?

water skiing fall

water skiing fall









You will love how stable and at ease your family and friends feel when using our boom or tower boom. That look on their face when they pop up out of the water with an easy pull instead of “gunning it!” with the throttle is priceless and you will want to capture it all on your phone for social media because you have the best seat in the house!

Imagine the fun and safety, not to mention the boost of confidence your friends and family will have.

I hope you are prepared to become the new resident expert with the reputation for being able to get anyone out of the water safely and on their first time! Your friends and neighbors will be begging for you to ake them and you will once again be high in the polls for having the best place to have fun!

If you have a direct drive inboard with a standard ski pylon in front of the engine and a wakeboard tower with round tubing, then you have the luxury of two different options.

My favorite option if you are using your new boom out the PASSENGER SIDE (and your windshield ends BEFORE the ski pylon like this boat shown) is our Deluxe Straight Boom setup with a couple of options I know you will want to take advantage of…

Click HERE to see my favorite setup!

This straight boom is my favorite because it is easy to adjust the height to very high. Why very high? If you ever want to take advantage of some of barefoot skiing’s coolest tricks like the Side Slides, backwards deep water start, one foots, then this boom will not disappoint as it can be raised to get the boom 7 feet above the water!

You can also put the boom very low for little children who are just getting started. There is nothing better than watching them practice at boat speeds of idle or just above 🙂 Their excitement and confidence will soar as you speak encouraging words to them!

Here is my Barefoot International b202 Boom installation video.

The Tower Boom option I also available. The Tower boom is great because everything attaches to the wakeboard tower and is outside of the boat. The one thing to remember about a tower boom is that it must be put on ad taken off while in shallow water or next to a dock. This is because when the setup is correct, you will need an additional person to push on the end of the boom so that you can hook the carabiner to the bow-eye.

The tower boom is very adjustable for height, but must be adjusted while in shallow water or next to a dock since the two adjustable arms require individual adjustment.

There is a secret weapon for height adjustment that is used by all the top teachers that can help you as well.

The easiest way to adjust a boom on any boat is to simply move one person either towards or away from the skier to adjust the boom to the desired height. This can be done on the fly while skiing for immediate results. You have to play with it a bit to get it perfect, but it is guaranteed to work.

The Tower Boom I recommend is THIS ONE which has the B111 Kids handle that goes on the end of the boom and gets skiers further out of the chine spray as well as reduces the diameter of the boom from 2 inches to one-inch which is great for kids or those with smaller hands.

If you want to help kids and adults learn to barefoot at super slow speeds and without falling, get our B228 Easy Footer Swing which allows a beginner so sit in it while they learn.

Our B223 Wakes handle mounts on the end of the boom and is a 15″ by 5-foot long handle and rope that attaches to the boom to allow the skier to learn to get up with the upward pull and slower speed of the boom and transitions skiers from the boom to the long line.

Of course, we have a long rope for barefooting or anything else which is our B227 Poly E Plus line which is 100′ and has 3 removable 10-foot extensions.

If you guys are interested in the World’s Best Barefoot Suit, our Barefoot International Barefoot Suit Designed by Lane “Dawg” Bowers Is Guaranteed by TheFootersEdge.com  to Be The Best Barefoot Wetsuit You Have Ever Worn… Guaranteed To Make You Ski Better!

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