1 Hour Wakeboarding

What If You Could Learn and Teach Others to Wakeboard Easily?

Imagine how good it would feel to be able to get up wakeboarding without falling. The expression on your child’s face when they get up and ride without ever taking a fall is priceless. Even if they do not become addicted like most wakeboarders, the confidence that is gained by mastering wakeboarding could affect their life forever.

Don’t Repeat The Mistakes That Everyone Else Is Making…

I have been teaching people to barefoot water ski without falling for over 15 years and was surprised to find out how many wakeboarders were quitting because of the frustration of not being able to get up onto their board.

The big secret that barefooters have known for years is now getting unleashed in the world of wakeboarding. The fact is that, with proper wakeboard instructions, anyone who wants to learn to wakeboard can do so easily and without even taking a single fall.

How is that possible?

By taking a little extra time to gather some high quality free information, anyone can learn. I have seen 70-year-old women, obese individuals, and completely uncoordinated students master the skills that I want you to have right now…

By signing up for a free online video course you can learn in minutes how to avoid the mistakes that others make over and over again. It is so easy to master that you will be surprised that more people are not taking advantage of this proper wakeboard instruction…especially because it is free and on video!

The first lesson to learn is that you never hop into the water and try to “wing-it.”

By mastering the basic positions of “Posture, Glide, and PowerBand” you can feel the same power that world class athletes feel when they are on the water, but you will practice it on dry land where you can tweak out your form in a completely safe environment.

After you master the standing position, it is time to learn the sitting or starting position known as the “3-Point Position.” This simple position provides an effortless starting point that you will use to keep you safe and in control when the boat begins to pull you.

Not utilizing this position is the second greatest mistake that amateurs make, but that you will avoid this mistake by acquiring wake board wisdom.

The single biggest mistake that “wallies” or amateurs make (the same *huge mistake* barefooters learned about the painful way many years ago), is that you never start behind the boat until you have mastered your positions on the barefoot boom or water ski boom.

This aircraft aluminum stabilizing pole can be attached to any boat in a minute and transforms your boat from a “disaster-craft” into a completely safe and professional wakeboard-teaching-machine.

Imagine the massive improvement in the quality of life your family will experience when you can have everyone together in one place (your boat) having fun while engaging in activities that they will remember for a life-time.

These exact same techniques can be applied to helping your wife get up on her slalom ski! Imagine how much happier life will be when mom is happy! We all know the saying, “if momma ain’t happy, then nobody is happy.”

Can you imagine how great it would feel if you could learn to barefoot without falling, your kids could learn to wakesurf, wakeboard, and waterski without ever taking a fall, and your wife could learn to get up on her slalom ski while everyone is soaking up the sun and listening to their favorite tunes together?

How does that compare to running everyone to different sporting events while separating the family into different groups?

I think you might become the new family hero when you solve this simple problem.

Learn to Wake Board Without Falling…Free

You family together and having fun…Priceless