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Is a 100-year-old barefooter even a possibility?

Banana George

Who will be the first 100-year-old barefooter?











Working with older barefooters has become a passion of mine after Banana George asked me to help

him barefoot safely into his 90s.


The obvious question is who will be the first to achieve Banana George’s dream of becoming the first 100-year-old barefooter?

Banana George told me of this dream when he was in his late 70’s and made me promise to help him no matter what those

around him said to me about the obvious concerns. This was a very difficult task that became complicated as he got older.


Since then, I have helped more people of all ages barefoot safely with my No Fall Barefooting method that teaches anyone from

4 years old to 400lbs how to barefoot at slow speeds and without falling.


Those of you who have followed the now famous Dick Grant barefoot have seen amazing results. Dick Grant asked me to teach him to barefoot

when he was 70 years old and he still barefoots at 86-years-old every year. He is amazing and appears to me to have what it would take to become

the first 100-year-old barefooter.

















Dick Grant is in better shape at 86 years old than Banana George was at the same age.

Dick Grant is very active and plays gold almost every day as well as gets around like a much younger man.

Another amazing story is who I like to call, “The Amazing Mike Mountford.” Mike is a totally different story of a guy who shouldn’t have survived his incredible medical history, but defied the odds and has barefooted after his Dr.’s told him that he would never walk again.






So now I ask YOU;

“What would you do differently now if you were going to be the first 100-year-old barefooter?”

Please leave me comments on what you would recommend achieving this amazing goal. I will collect all the comments and follow-up with a guide that we can all follow.


Here are my thoughts:

  1. Healthy and active lifestyle
  2. keep lifting to increase your bone density (I prefer Crossfit)
  3. learn the No Fall Barefoot method or become a statistic
  4. stay away from harmful activities and foods
  5. become your own health advocate with wise counsel
  6. socially connected with friends and activities
  7. supplement with redox molecules to improve recovery, performance, longevity (message me and I will share my story.
  8. WARNING: This will offend some: I believe that a long life is a gift from God and only with a personal relationship with Jesus will bring you into 100 years old with your health and glow of a much younger person.


For example, I was addicted to drinking diet coke for 20 years and at my worst, I was consuming 16 cans of diet coke per day. Diet sodas and sugary drinks will kill you. It almost killed me and may have led to my autoimmune disease. (email me and I will share my amazing story).

No one who drinks sugary drinks has a chance at a long life let alone have the strength to barefoot at 100.

Another example of just SOME of the dumb things I have done that would have definitely kept me from even living to 100 would be the daily consumption of ibuprofen. Almost every athlete in the world uses Advil or ibuprofen because of the desire to get over the soreness and back into the game, right? Well, the facts are out and ibuprofen is an absolute terror to your body.

Ibuprofen destroys your liver and is completely opposed to a long life if you like your liver.

Read this about ibuprofen which shows that endurance athletes that use ibuprofen have a 50% reduction in their body’s ability to produce lean muscle mass! Imagine you are in your prime, working out with high intensity under great coaching, eating well, and you do not realize that what you thought was helping you is actually reducing your body’s ability to get stronger! This blew my mind.

Study on ibuprofen

I am also a huge proponent of a positive mental attitude and avoiding negativity which causes dis-ease in your life and body. This could be a whole new article.

How about taking the 7 Day Challenge Tony Robbins recommends! (I taught Tony and his team to barefoot in Fiji!)
Tony Robbins Fiji


Another example of destroying your chances of being the first 100-year-old barefooter is carrying more weight than you need. Although I had been very health conscious my whole life, I eventually got way above my ideal weight and thought to recover my youthful weight was impossible. I hated vegetables my whole life and would even feel like I was going to throw-up at the thought of eating most veggies. I justified it until I finally came to the realization that a lot of the world’s superfoods were vegetables.  It hit me that “I deserve superfood! I deserve the world’s best healthy foods!”

Just like that, my mind changed and I started eating 2-3 cups of veggies with every meal (I usually have 5 servings of 2-3 cups/day). What a change, huh?!

I do not believe you can make it to 100 years old without superfoods.

If you want to hear my story of how I became leaner and stronger at 56 than I was in my barefooting prime 30-35 years old, just message or email me ( and I will tell you a story that will change your life and encourage you.

Those of you who know me know our company motto is “Expect a Miracle!” Why not live your life in great expectation and wonderment in this amazing world. Of course, there are serious problems, but your life quality will be guided by what you focus on.

Do you believe in miracles? Well, you should. In fact, life itself is a big miracle. There are so many things that are beyond our understanding. There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle. - Albert Einstein


If you really wanted to be the first 100-year-old barefooter, you would definitely have to learn to barefoot safely and make No Fall Barefooting a way of life. It is not that you will never fall, but that you learn to barefoot at slower speeds and learn to make good decisions about what to do! I have spent 25 years traveling all over the world helping barefooters make these good decisions while improving their form and their performance on the water.

What an incredible feeling to be able to barefoot comfortably and safely all the way to 100 years old!

I wish I could show how it affected Banana George Blair. In his later years, he would call me and ask me to take him barefooting after long conversations about what he wanted to do, his wife’s concerns, his physical challenges, and his total commitment to getting out there and making it happen.

Most people do not know that Banana George was afraid of drowning and had actually “drowned” according to stories he told me. He always wanted someone to be there to rescue him if something were to go wrong.

What courage.

99% of these barefooting sessions were private and I wish I had thought to document how old he looked getting ready to barefoot. He looked like he would barely be able to get his barefoot suit on. It actually became a very long process to get it on without hurting him. His skin was as thin as paper and any bump could cause a serious bruise or tear.

Contrast this to how Banana George looked AFTER he barefooted! Many times he would break down and cry because he was so happy to be able to get one more run in. He knew the time was getting to where it would not be possible and near the end, he could not even remember my name, but he knew I was the guy who could help him stay safe and get another run.

His energy afterward was so dramatically different from his initial state of a very elderly man. He looked like his entire energy and power had changed from 11% to 110%. It is my personal belief after seeing many of these sessions that every time he got his feet on the water, his life was extended. I could not tell you how many weeks or months, but it was obvious to me. He would ride that euphoria for days and even weeks!

At the very end of his barefooting career, I had talked him into using my Swing method (No Fall Barefooting method) to barefoot. He hated that idea, but he simply got to where he was not strong enough for anything else. He begged me to let him try his deep water start, but the strength was simply not there anymore.

George made it very close to his goal of being the first 1000-year-old barefooter, but now I am compiling what I have learned into what I hope will be an eBook I hope will help you

“Be the First 100-Year-Old Barefooter!”


Please leave a comment on what you believe would help you be the first 100-year-old barefooter below and I will personally reply.



“Expect a Miracle!”
Lane “Dawg” Bowers

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  1. Beliard Jacques January 23, 2020 at 9:33 am - Reply

    Hello Lane
    I am 72 years old and I have been barefoot for 25 years.
    I’m in good shape, 20 years old 65 kg, 72 years old 65 kg, I don’t take medication, I try to eat as healthily as possible
    a little sport in winter, and above all, always have positive thoughts.
    I think I’ll go see you for a little internship at your place.
    Have a nice day. Jacques

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