Barefoot Water Skiing Equipment

Barefoot International How To Barefoot Water Skiing Equipment Video Tips For Learning Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing and Barefoot Skiing Without Falling.”

If you have ever wanted to be the best barefooter on your lake, then this one-of-a-kind instructional eBook is just for you.

The Barefoot Skiing eBook is an action-packed 170 pages long-43 chapters, from beginning level through advanced.

It is set up progressively, so you’ll start with the basics and move all the way through to the more advanced tricks.

Our collection of barefoot water skiing equipment features barefoot booms. These waterski booms are trusted by the experts at Footers Edge and have been proven to be the best barefoot booms around. Our waterski booms are the easiest way to learn how to barefoot waterski.

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