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World’s Strongest Wakeboard Tower Pulls Tubes 2018-02-10T03:46:32+00:00
World’s Strongest Wakeboard Tower Pulls Tubes

“What Is The Only Wakeboard Tower That You Can Add To Your Boat That Is Strong Enough To Pull Multiple Tubers… Or Anything Else?”

“The Pro X Series Cross-Bar Wakeboard Tower” “Strongest Wakeboard Tower Guarantee:”

“Our Pro X Series CrossBar Wakeboard Tower Will Never Vibrate Loose Or Crack Your Boat’s Fiberglass By
Doing 2 Key Things:”
1. Making sure that our supplied underplates are mounted flush
2. Fully Tighten Rear Cross Bar with Three Guys Using Their Bare Hands After Tower Has Been Installed!
That’s It!

We were shocked to find out that Wake Board towers world wide were going loose simply from *rough water* shaking the tower… We decided to design a Wakeboarding Tower that would NEVER go loose. After researching what caused wake towers to fail, we found out that pulling tubers from the tower *accelerated* the process of going loose because of the unique multi-directional forces.

Our Pro X Series Cross-Bar Ski Tower Is The World’s Strongest Wakeboarding Tower and It Is the Only Wakeboard Tower That Can Handle Rough Water, Multiple Tubers, and Anything Else that Your Boat Can Pull Out of The Water.

“If your boat can pull it out of the water…
our Pro X Series Cross-Bar Universal Wakeboard Tower CAN handle it without ever going loose.”

Does It Fit Your Boat? Find out in 2 Minutes!

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