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What is a contour water ski boom?

A contour barefoot boom is used to teach water skiers, wakeboarders, kneeboarders,
slalom skiers, and barefoot water skiers to learn without falling. A contour water ski boom
has been bent to fit around side windshield frames and tower bases, and to get the
boom clamp down below the taper that exists in a ski pylon.

To understand why there are contour booms, you need to know a little about ski pylon
construction. Ski pylons are generally made from high quality aircraft aluminum, and are
built into the construction of the boat in order to reinforce the pylon. These are for
attaching a ski rope. They are also a great place to attach a boom.

Many ski pylons are tapered for aesthetic reasons. This narrowing of the diameter of the
ski pylon, although it looks great, creates an area of the pylon that is useless for mounting
a boom clamp.

If anyone ever made the mistake of putting the boom clamp on the tapered section of the
ski pylon, it would never hold. Therefore the bend or contour of the boom, puts the clamp
down below the taper on the ski pylon where it is safe to mount.

In order for a contour water ski boom to stay strong forever with all the bends and the
leverage or water skiing, it must be constructed out of the best material. Years of product
testing has shown that only high quality aircraft aluminum will meet these demands.

Aircraft wings are strong, flexible, and will never weaken over time. This same technology
is what makes for a great barefoot boom that will last forever. One of the requirements for
a boom is that only the highest quality aircraft aluminum is used. Many suppliers try to
save money by using aircraft aluminum that is not the highest quality.

Here is one of the greatest insider tips I can give you to make sure that you are getting
the right contour water ski boom for your boat. Number one, always make sure that you
check to see that the inside section of your boom is solid aircraft aluminum. If you
examine the inside section and find that it is hollow, then you know this manufacturer
has cut corners during construcition.

Another great insider tip is, always demand that your contour boom comes with a lifetime
guarantee on all aluminum parts. The confidence of knowing that your boom was built to
last forever will give you a great peace of mind knowing that your family and friends will be safe.

There are three different types of contour booms;

1. a single straight contour boom
2. a universal contour boom
3. the quad contour boom

Never make a barefoot boom purchase without getting a guarantee of the Best Barefoot Boom,
the best price, Guaranteed to Fit Your Boat, or you get your money back at Lane "Dawg" Bowers takes great pride in making sure that
your wakeboarding, water skiing, slaom skiing, kneeboarding, and barefoot water skiing
starts off safely by the proper use of the correct contour water ski boom for your boat.

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