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Now that you have found my site and enjoyed my Ebook (and email lessons), you most likely have ordered my 2 hour instructional video. Over 90% of you who watch my video will be interested in skiing with me personally within the next year. The following is an actual account of one such family and the typical concerns and how we manufacture miracles every day down here in paradise!

This is the story of Tim, Cheryl, Morgan, and Riley Morgan and how they found themselves down here at The Footer's Edge Training Center.

actual email:

From: Cheryl Doyle []
Sent: Monday, December 15, 2003 9:23 PM
To: Lane Dawg Bowers
Subject: Re: follow-up

We received your video last week and have been watching it.  It is a little weird shoveling snow and trying out the arched back position all in the same hour...
I definitely am a little nervous, but at the same time, I would rather keep the family together for this vacation and take advantage of being able to have lessons with you.  I think that both of my kids would enjoy a few lessons and I am game, also.  The deep water start is going to be my big hang up.  I tried last year, hanging on to the handle and swinging my legs around front and face planting (my husband insists that he wasn't trying to kill me - whatever) several times before I couldn't hang on anymore. 

That is when I did an internet search and found your website and watched the girl start by sitting in the handle.  I knew there had to be a better way.  We enjoyed watching the Brodeo, by the way- and we NYers loved the tumble turn behind the snowmobile!!

So, think about what would be best for us.  All four of us head out in the morning for lessons and maybe a couple of days Tim would like a full day of lessons.  I think mornings would be perfect for the kids and I. 
What about gear for the kids and for me?  Tim has a suit but it doesn't fit me.  What do the kids need?   
Your Mom said that you do not recommend slalom skiing and barefooting in the same day? I would be interested in skiing the course, if that is at all possible.  Maybe taking a few lessons, too. 

Thanks - we are getting excited!!

This led to the Doyle family going through the booking process and scheduling their time down here at The Footer's Edge Training Center . We suited up the family by renting them the best barefooting gear on the planet and I successfully talked Cheryl into leaving the slalom skiing alone and concentrating on barefooting. She nervously agreed and here is what happened!

What constitutes a miracle? It varies for everyone. You know when it happens because of the incredible feeling of having learned a barefooting skill safely while overcoming your fears and any other challenges we meet together! It adds a skip to your step and a feeling that you can do anything as long as you approach it with professional help!

Tim (Dad)-learned great forwards form and learned to barefoot backwards in great form!

Cheryl (Mom)-Learned the front deep water start without injuring herself! Started backwards!

Morgan (Sister)-learned in the swing, one-foots, hops, three-point, and butt glide!-No falls all week!

Riley (Son)-learned in the swing, one-foots, hops, three-point, and butt glide!--No falls all week!

Below, we are posing at Rocco's Sports Cafe' where we eat lunch!

Below are Morgan and Riley as they are breaking in their new barefoot suits!


Go here to see more pictures of the Doyle family.

Email Cheryl if you would like to congratulate her on her success.

Email me about getting your barefooting miracle!



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