The fact that it only requires two people also makes it a lot easier to get started. If you fancy going wakeboarding then as long as you have someone to drive the boat then it’s easy to have a go. Of course it requires the use of a boat, but if you don’t have the money to buy one yet then you certainly can certainly find lots of places to rent them from mostly whenever you need to. This then means that unlike other sports, you don’t have to get every one organised in order to get started and you can make it a fairly spur of the moment thing. At the same time it means that all of your performance is just down to you and how well you do, which makes it a lot more satisfying when you build up a lot of speed or manage to do a big jump or trick.

And the speed and the tricks also sets wakeboarding apart from other activities in terms of the pure rush and adrenaline you get from being dragged across the water at such high speeds.


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