While other sports require skill, few involve the same kind of speed, and even those motorsports that do normally have you safely sealed inside the vehicle behind the windshield rather than exposed with the wind rushing through your hair. And despite the apparent danger, wakeboarding is actually very safe and should you fall then you can rest assured that your fall will be softened by the water unlike something like rock climbing which obviously has an element of danger. All the rush and not much of the danger – makes wakeboarding a very fun sport that won’t end in tears.

Another good thing about wakeboarding is that it’s very easy to start. While it takes a while to build up to be able to do tricks and jumps, being put on a wakeboard and tugged at such speeds will always feel like you’re in the middle of an action film and find it hard not to look cool. The large surface area of a wakeboard also means that it’s much easier to balance to start with and learn to wakeboard so that you don’t start off constantly falling on your back and being dragged through the water.


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