At the same time though there is a lot to learn with wakeboarding and a lot of progression to be made meaning that you will be rewarded for the time you put in. As well as just staying upright, you can perform tricks and jumps, spins, and flips and build up more speed and create a visually impressive display for anyone else watching in (and wakeboarding is one of the most visually exciting sports to watch).

Many of the skills you pick up on the wakeboard can then also be translated into other sports and activities, particularly other water sports such as waterskiing and barefoot waterskiing, hang-gliding, wind surfing, surfing and parasailing, as well as skateboarding and snowboarding and to an extent skiing. This means that you’ll be able to try your hand confidently at a range of sports, and much of the equipment will be similar too. You’ll even pick up an idea of how to use and drive a boat, what ballast does etc.

At the end of the day wakeboarding is a great leisure activity that provides a great way to unwind in the sun at the beach. It’s sociable while being autonomous and it’s easy to start while offering a lot of room for improvement. So what’s stopping you?


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