If you want to take up a fun water sport that looks cool and is accessible enough to pick up easily while still rewarding commitment, then you could do a lot worse than to learn to wakeboard. Wakeboarding is a water sport in which you are towed by a speed boat, much like waterskiing, except that here you balance on a board rather than on skis. In other words then, for the uninitiated, waterskiing is to water sports what snowboarding is to winter sports.

This means that you are given a much larger surface area to balance on, which distributes your weight more evenly across the water and thereby makes balancing mildly easier. This then means that it’s slightly easier to learn to wakeboard if you have never done it before, making it more accessible for someone new. This doesn’t mean that it’s easier as a sport however, and like any activity that simply depends on how far you want to push yourself. As you learn to wakeboard, you will find that having an easier starting point means that you can pull off more advanced moves and faster turns that you would on waterskis.


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