The great thing about barefoot water skiing is that you require so little equipment to begin with – not needing a wakeboard or water-skis because as the name suggests, you’ll be doing it in barefoot. However that isn’t to say that there isn’t anything that you can benefit from when you’re barefoot water skiing and there are still some useful items that you can purchase to make the experience easier and more enjoyable and others you will need to start at all.

The first of these is a of course a boat. While you won’t necessarily need to buy a boat you will need access to one, so find a place that you can hire one or use one. At the same time make sure you have a friend or a professional who’s able to steer the boat for you. Of course you can buy a boat if you can afford it and this will mean you’re able to go out barefoot water skiing whenever you want to. Another option which a few lucky individuals may be able to make the most of, is to borrow a boat from a friend.


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