These are the muscles that are also trained in rowing or climbing, and they are again a group that is often overlooked. Thus going waterskiing or wakeboarding is almost as healthy as doing a gym workout. At the same time it will affect muscles that you are less likely to train doing other things and will result in the kind of physique that many people respond to – one with flat six pack abs and a muscular back and triceps.

That’s not all waterskiing does though. At the same time as training those muscles, it also requires a lot of cardiovascular effort from you as you are continuously weaving around on the water and holding yourself in position. After a while this will begin to rely on the aerobic system and will work your heart and circulatory system. This is a great way to improve your fitness and it will also strengthen your heart and increase your VO2 max helping to increase your endurance and to avoid a range of health conditions such as heart disease.


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