Furthermore, waterskiing, wakeboarding and other watersports are outdoors. This then means that you will be in the sun while you enjoy them which of course means you benefit from the vitamin D that gives you. At the same time this will give you that nice layer of tan that will ensure you look healthy and have a summer kissed aura. This is part of what makes up that ’surfer body’ that is so highly sought after.

And finally there’s the fact that you’ll be exposed to all that sea air. This fresh air is the perfect remedy for inner city living and will have numerous health benefits. For someone with asthma or allergies this is a great way to improve your breathing, while at the same time the salt in the air can have many other benefits and also acts as a disinfectant to help avoid infections and other similar problems.

Over time then watersports will transform your body and you will find yourself looking and feeling healthier than ever before.


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