This allows then the boat to ‘cut through’ the water and the waves rather than bouncing across on top of them, and also prevents it from swaying or tipping. This is then transferred down the rope and means that a more stable towboat means a more stable rope and a more stable rider. For a beginner this is of course invaluable and it allows them to balance much more easily making fat sacs an important purchase to make early on.
You should also similarly ensure that your tow boat is pulling at the right speed and you might find it easier to go more slowly to begin with. This will not only make the experience less scary, but also mean that you have more time to think and to get yourself up on the skiis. It isn’t necessary for the boat to travel at hugely fast feet in order for you to balance on the waterskiis, so staying at a minimum speed will allow you to get your bearing, adjust yourself appropriately and get the hang of balancing on water-skis.


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