If you’re trying waterskiing for the first time then you may be surprised by how difficult it can feel to start with trying to balance on two thin sticks essentially. If you’ve ever tried skiing normally then you’ll have some experience with how much of a challenge this can be, but it of course is greatly magnified when you’re on water which normally we wouldn’t be able to stand on at all. Fortunately there are some ways you can make waterskiing a little easier and can better work with a waterski to do the impossible.
The first thing to think about here are your skis themselves and there are some ways that water-skis can be conducive or less helpful to learners who want to start the sport. Specifically the best water-skis are those that are slightly larger (ie wider) which thus have more surface area in contact with the water. The reason for this is of course that the larger surface area is much easier to balance on than the thinner surface area.


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