That’s still not all the benefits of a sport like waterskiing though, and as though all that wasn’t enough you also get the amazing muscle toning benefits of the sports themselves. Here you are required to hold on tight to the rope connecting you to the boat and pull yourself in. At the same time your mid-section works in overtime to ensure that you manage to balance on your board or on the water-skis. This means that when you come in from the beach you’ll have had a great abs workout and arms workout. On top of that is the fact that anything like waterskiing or wakeboarding also involves a whole lot of swimming and that of course is one of the very best resistance exercises that also doesn’t include any heavy impact (which is bad for joints). Whether you’re doing waterskiing or wakeboarding you can be sure to end up with a surfer’s or a swimmer’s body and at the same time you will improve your strength and your endurance and generally get a full workout every time you go.


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