Fast acceleration however is not really necessary as wakeboarding requires the speed to start fairly slowly then speed up. At the same time you want to create the optimum wake (the wave behind the boat) for riding on and this can be achieved with a V hull sports boat. Flat bottomed ski boats may be less efficient at creating the wake necessary for wakeboarding.

The boat then needs to be kitted out to allow it to pull the wakeboard. This involves adding weight to the stern of the boat and adding an additional pylon. This additional weight will help to create the maximum wake. Meanwhile the boat also needs to be kept steady and extra weight can be added to improve the balance of the boat and to help it to cut through waves by buying fat sacs for boats.

The towrope will also need to be added to the back of the boat of course in order to pull the wakeboard. To improve this you can also attach the cable to a ‘tower’ to give it extra height (this may require extra support to counter bending). This changes the angle of the force on the wakeboard and essentially allows for higher jumps and so more complex and impressive tricks and moves.


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