Wakeboarding is a water sport and specifically a ’surface water sport’ which involves riding a wakeboard as the name would suggest. A wakeboard is a large board like a surf board, except for slightly differently shaped and with fastens in order to secure the feat in place. The wake boarder must then ride on a body of water – usually the sea but also potentially lakes or even large rivers. The wakeboard is dependent on a ‘wake’ of a boat which is the wave that a boat leaves behind it. The wakeboarder is then dragged behind the boat by a rope and aims to keep themselves on top of the wake while potentially performing tricks or avoiding and dealing with obstacles. This is an exhilarating sport practiced by many people and is also notable for allowing its practitioners to enjoy an outdoor environment and take lots of great pictures.
Normally the rider will be towed then by a towboat and this will normally be a motorboat.


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