These are what you will use, in combination with your legs, to steady the board, and good strength here will massively improve your wakeboarding prowess. At the same time other forms of strength and endurance training can also be very good for improving your wakeboarding. For example then any crunches or sit ups that work the abs and core (and particularly the obliques) will be very useful. To train your legs you should do squats, calf raises, leg presses, lunges and other forms of leg-targeting exercise. Finally you should combine this with arm strength, as your arms and upper body are what you will use to hold the rope and to real yourself in. You should have a bent arm position for the majority of your wakeboarding and this of course is quite a strain on the muscles. Anything like bicep curls, rows or dumbbell raises then will be helpful – anything that seems to slightly mimic the position or movement of the arms.


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