To train your CV use running, skipping, shadow boxing or whatever you want. A very basic training programme for wakeboarding then might consist of three resistance days a week – one each for the core, the legs and the upper body with CV on two other days of the week (and two days off). Finally you can prepare in many other ways – through your diet, or even by visualising how to wakeboard and practicing technique in your mind’s eye (this is said to strengthen the neurons and muscle memory just as much as actually participating in a sport, though not the muscle mass of course) – so you should really always be training in a sense, or at least behaving with an eye to wakeboarding. All of these things will help you learn to wakeboard, or help you to practice and train; but the very best form of preparation and training however will always remain actually wakeboarding, and this is the most sure fire way to improve your ability.


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