In order to pull back you also need to lean back further on the rope which should push your legs up forwards in front of you, angle your feet correctly so that your heels are in, and put the weight on the rope rather than the water. Another way to put more pressure on the rope is to pull your arms in close to your sides and chest and to keep them bent which puts them in their strongest position.

As you get more experienced in barefoot water skiing there are lots of different techniques you can learn. You will find that you’re able to hold the role behind you for example so that you’re leaning forwards away from the boat like Michal Jackson. Another popular move is to hold the rope in your foot by feeding it through the handle which means you’ll be riding on just one foot too. Of course there are also a range of different jumps which again will be harder than they are with wakeboarding or a normal water-skis. The faster you get the boat to go the easier it will be to do tricks and to balance on the water’s surface.


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