Barefoot waterskiing (skiing without the skis) is a great skill to learn if you can, meaning that wherever you have a boat and a rope you can start sailing behind and enjoying the exhilarating freedom that you would normally only get from water skiing or wakeboarding. At the same time though, while it’s very safe and requires no equipment, barefoot water skiing is also pretty tricky to get started with and you risk essentially being dragged through the water rather than skiing across the top of it… which isn’t really waterskiing at all…

The problem with barefoot water skiing is that it provides you with the smallest possible surface to balance on – those being your feet (until people start stilt skiing anyway…). This then means that there’s more pressure going downwards onto the water into a single point and that means you’re more likely to sink or fall over.  Fortunately however there are some basic tips that can improve your ability in barefoot water skiing and prevent you from going head over heals too regularly.


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