Three Watersports

Waterskiing – In waterskiing the individual has a waterski attached to each foot which are much like ordinary skis. Here though, rather than generating speed by going down the side of a snowy mountain, the energy comes from being towed by a faster vehicle (in this case a tow boat).

Barefoot Waterskiing – A variation is barefoot waterskiing where the individual waterskiis in barefeet – i.e. whithout skis at all, using just their own feet to balance on the water. Obviously barefoot waterskiing is harder as you are giving less surface area to stand on and requires the boat to be going at high speeds at all time. Here the individual will usually be slightly under the water creating waves and breaking through the water rather than ‘sliding’ along the top of it.

Wakeboarding – In wakeboarding the individual is strapped onto a single board by some binding and boots. This is essentially to waterskiing what snowboarding is to ordinary skiing. It provides the individual with more surface area and thereby allows them to balance more easily on the top of the water. The use of a fin also enables more easy steering. However it is slightly more dangerous due to being attached to a large, heavy board.


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