The uses are endless and for any wakeboarding or waterskiing fanatic a good camera can be a great and constant companion. Look into getting a small one that is waterproof and shockproof so that you can take it with you without fear of it getting damaged. If you get one that’s truly water and shock proof you can even fasten it round your neck and use it to take photos as you’re wakeboarding.

Sun Cream: Of course when you’re wakeboarding or barefoot waterskiing you’ll have a wetsuit on most of the time, but that doesn’t protect your hands or face – both of which are just as susceptible to getting burned if they’re in the sun for extended periods. This can not only hurt at the time, but increase your chances of skin cancer in the long-run, so ensure you find a good high-protection and waterproof sun lotion and use it whenever you’re going wakeboarding or jetskiing.

Towel: It’s obvious but that doesn’t mean that people always remember it – so try to ensure you always bring along a towel with you when you’re participating in water sports so that you can dry yourself down after a long day on the water.


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