This is not only fairly practical in that it means you don’t come out looking like a prune, but also in the fact that they keep you warm and mean that you can do watersports in any weather and not worry too much about whether you’re going in the rain or in the cold meaning that the watersports can now be year-round activities.

Another very useful purchase for a range of watersports is fat sacs or ballast. Fat sacs for boats essentially have the role of weighting down the boat in the correct areas in order to ensure that it doesn’t rock around too much on top of the water and to this way encourage it to stay steady on top of the water and to cut through the waves thereby making it much easier for you to stay on your board or skiis.

For a range of watersports then, as well as other water based activities, a wet suit and fat sacs for boats will often come in useful.


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