One place to try is Bournemouth, England, which is down along the South Coast and has some great beaches for all sorts of watersports and other beach activities. What makes Bournemouth particularly standout though is that it is the home of the world’s first artificial coral reef, meaning that there is far more surf created for watersports such as surfing or wind surfacing. Of course you’ll have to be careful here about the weather – wetsuits in England are a must! Elsewhere around Europe also has some fantastic beaches, such as Bulgaria’s ‘Sunny Beach’ which is an up and coming tourist spot – so get there while it’s still cheap! Others include Tenerife, Spain, Mallorca and more.
The point is that if you wakeboard or waterski or do any of those other great water sports, then there are loads of great spots for you to explore. Don’t stay local – head into those countries with great beaches and enjoy a different climate and a different view. They make for great photographs too – perfect for a Facebook profile.


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