Wakeboarding is so called because it involves riding a board on a ‘wake’. For those who are not familiar with the term, a ‘wake’ is a large wave that is left behind a boat. This is why you have the ‘wake’ of a storm – meaning the moments just after it. In surfing then you ride a board on a large wave, while in wakeboarding you ride a wave too but the one created by the tow boat. Of course this wave is created by the weight of the boat on the water, and by making the boat heavier it is possible to increase the size of the wave. This then is where the wakeboard ballast comes from and why fat sacks are so important for the activity. By increasing the size of the wave you can then provide more to balance on and also increase your speed (staying on the wake makes the board faster than riding on just the water behind).
There are many different types and makes of ballast and fat sacks such as Mastercraft ballast, Correctcraft ballast, Moomba ballast and more. Choosing the right type of ballast will ensure that your boat is stable and that you have a smooth and fast ride when wakeboarding or waterskiing.

When a boat hits a wave and jumps or rocks due to not having adequate fat sacks, this gets transferred down the tow rope to the person at the other end. When waterskiing or barefoot waterskiing the person is using that rope to steady themselves and to get enough speed to stay upright. If they suddenly get dragged then, or if suddenly there is too much slack on the rope, this will then likely cause them to topple over and fall into the water. Thus for these watersports to be possible and to provide the smoothest possible ride for the person on the end of the rope, it is important to invest in fat sacks.
Wakeboard ballast is particularly important as it provides more than one role. First and foremost as describes it will steady the boat to prevent the wakeboarder from falling over. However more than this it will provide the ‘wake’ that’s in the title.

This also means that you can enjoy a calm boat ride in a greater variety of weather meaning that you can better make use of your boat all year round.
As well as being conducive to relaxing cruises in smaller boats though, fat sacks are also more useful for faster paced activities in speed boats. The faster your boat is going the more it will react to the waves and leap over them as each one becomes in effect a ramp that can launch you. As such the faster you intend to drive the boat, the more crucial it is that you have ballast. This is particularly true if you are interested in something like wakeboarding, waterskiing or barefoot waterskiing. Water sports like these involve racing over the waves in the power boat, but using this as a tow boat in order to tow a person on a board or on skis. This is a highly exhilerating and exciting experience but it is also quite hard for the person on the end of the rope to stay upright and this is made worse by any rocking or jumping on the part of the boat.

By using multiple different sacks it is also possible to be able to split the weight across different parts of the boat. This means that the boat can be evenly weighted so that your newly added weight isn’t concentrated in just one part of the boat which could cause it to tip over.
This means for example that you can add fat sacks to the front of a boat and this way it would be less back heavy or vice versa. This then means that the boat will stay much more steady when it’s going over the waves and will also mean that it’s less likely to capsize which can happen otherwise. This then keeps you much safer in the boat and means you are less likely to have a nasty surprise while you’re riding. It also means that the ride is much more steady and you will get thrown and rocked around much less. This is very important as it means you can enjoy a more leisurely or calm experience in the boat – it’s highly annoying trying to read or to sip a drink if you are being constantly thrown around by the boat and leaping over waves.

Fat sacks, also fat sacs, are a form of ballast which are made from sacks stuffed with fat as the name suggests (though some other forms of Ballast can be filled with water or sand). This means that they’re designed to add weight to a boat as these substances weigh a lot so that it stays steady and to counteract other heavier areas. As the boat is then heavier it means that it won’t ‘leap’ over the waves to quite the same degree and will instead cut through them and stay a lot more steady. It will also be sturdier and react less when it is hit by waves.
Because the sacks are filled with a substance rather than being solid weights it means that they can increase or decrease in weight depending on how they are filled and it’s possible to get fat sacs of all kinds of weights. At the same time you can of course add multiple different fat sacs in order to create a cumulative weight, or you can remove them in order to make the boat lighter again.

When you’re waterskiing then you will feel like you’re flying at incredible speed across the water, and you’ll feel entirely free. More than this though, waterskiing is also a very challenging and technical skill that will involve you having to learn to do tricks and jumps if you want to be the best and attract the attention of onlookers. This means that you won’t get ‘bored’ of waterskiing and you get a lot of room for development.
Waterskiing is also very sociable and as you’ll need someone to drive the boat you will always be enjoying it with at least one other person – and where better to enjoy yourselves afterwards than on the beach? It helps too that waterskiing is also one of the most popular forms of watersports and this means that you will have no shortage of people to enjoy it with, and no shortage of information and materials.

This occurs as you are constantly pulling against the rope which is the equivalent of doing seated rows in the gym. Particularly for men then, but for anyone, waterskiing can give you the kind of ‘ideal’ body that most of us want.
So there are plenty of health benefits to waterskiing and it’s a great way to get out and see the sea. At the same time though it’s also incredibly fun in itself. This is first and foremost because it is so highly exhilarating being dragged along the water at such high speeds. At the same time though it’s much safer than going at the same speeds on land because you’re surrounded by the water which by its nature provides a soft landing – and there’s much more space at sea meaning you won’t crash into other vehicles.

At the same time it’s also the part of our body that many of us want to train for vanity reasons. Waterskiing then can give you that washboard stomach that is also highly associated with surfing. Helping this cause further is the fact that waterskiing is highly cardiovascular as it involves exerting yourself for drawn out periods of time. This then cuts fat leaving you with the lean and ripped stomach everyone wants (not to mention how good it is for your heart and lungs – and especially while you’re exposed to the thin sea air which will increase your VO2 max and mean you’re rarely out of breath). If you want the kind of body that everyone wants then, waterskiing is right for you.
Waterskiing trains other muscles too though and holding on to the rope to keep yourself stable will mean that you’re training your biceps and your lats. This then means big arms and a broad back.

Another benefit of being at the beach is that the sea water itself is very good for you too. The sea as everyone knows is made from salt water and that makes it naturally disinfectant. This means that if you have a cut or scar that it can help you to heal and also prevent you from getting an infection.
Waterskiing at the beach also means you’re outside and that means you’re getting sunlight. If you want to have the bronzed skin of a surfer then there are few better ways to do so than take up waterskiing which will give you just as much exposure to the sun. At the same time this will encourage the production of vitamin D and collagen in your skin – both of which are highly healthy for you.
Then there’s the advantage of the exercise you get from waterskiing. When you waterski you will be required to balance on a board that goes over waves and wouldn’t stay upright on its own. All of this takes core strength which means it utilises your abdominal muscles and your lower spine. This is a very important area to train as it will help to give you stability in all of your other movements.

Waterskiing is a great sport that many people enjoy and it’s not for no reason that it’s such a popular pastime. The first reason is that it enables you to enjoy being outdoors and and in the fresh air. Waterskiing as a rule is something you do on the sea and this means right away that it will take place in highly scenic locations and provide fantastic photo opportunities. If you are very much into waterskiing then you will likely get to try it in a range of different locations and this means you can see a whole range of great coastlines and get to appreciate some of the most beautiful natural scenes in the world.
Being regularly at sea also has a range of great health benefits. First of all the air at sea is very healthy and fresh and you will find that it provides an excellent break for your lungs when compared to living in the city.