Other balancing practice will also help, so don’t pass up an opportunity to improve your balance and to practice staying upright at awkward angles.

When you first learn to wakeboard you should also be careful about the type of board you choose to use. Here the best option is a larger wakeboard which will give you even more surface area to balance on (this is even more crucial if you are large yourself). As you progress you will probably move on to a smaller wakeboard which will be lighter and so make jumps and tricks much easier. As you learn to wakeboard then, you should find that you slowly move on to smaller boards.

Another beginners’ wakeboard tip is to get a wakeboard ballast. Wakeboard ballast is essentially the same as fat sacs for boats, but aimed specifically at use with wakeboards. This ensures that the boat is weighed down evenly, and helps it to ‘cut through’ waves as a result rather than bobbing up and down or rocking from side to side. This is very useful as someone who is starting to learn to wakeboard as it means they won’t be thrown about quite as much and can rely on the rope to offer them stability rather than making life more tricky.


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