An initial instinct might be to go slower to begin with in a bid to make wakeboarding easier, but actually this won’t necessarily work as it will leave you with more slack against the rope and so less to lean against for balance. Just as is the case on a bike, going slowly actually makes balancing more difficult, even if it does feel a little less scary. As such the only thing that can really make a difference is to get wakeboard ballast.

Of course as well as wakeboard ballast, you should also learn to wakeboard in quiet conditions. When you wakeboard you are literally ‘riding the wake’ of the boat, where the term ‘wake’ refers to the small wave created by the back of the boat. This is what you will want to balance on, and is what will provide you with the extra speed you need. However if the sea is choppy this will be more difficult and the wake can be broken by other waves. As such, when you first learn to wakeboard, do so in quiet and calm conditions and progress to the wilder days.


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