The first way to do this is by leaning back more than you might on a wakeboard or with skis. This way you will be putting more weight on the rope and less weight on the water though you should also ensure that you don’t lean back too far so that your legs fly out from underneath you. This is the most important thing to master when you learn to barefoot waterski and will provide the foundation for the rest.

Another important tip when you learn to barefoot waterski is that you need to go fast in order to be able to counter the weight on the water. Again this means that you weight will be pulled forwards rather than going downwards and pushing through the water, which will mean you stay upright and are less likely to sink. The rope should be taut as a result and this is what will allow you to move quickly. At the same time, use fat sacks in your boat in order to evenly distribute weight and weigh it down to help it cut through the waves and stay stable. This way, fat sacks ensure that when you put your weight on the rope, it is more stable and steady, rather than throwing you around and potentially up-ending you.

Finally, make sure that when you first learn to barefoot waterski, you do so in calm conditions – as if the sea is too choppy this will make it more difficult and throw you off balance. Find a safe place to practice, and if you can get professional instruction. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be ready to take your act on the road!


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