Barefoot waterskiing is exactly what it sounds like – where an individual waterskis, but rather than having skis attached, they use only their bare feet. This is a fun activity, and unlike wakeboarding or conventional skiing it doesn’t require lots of time to get strapped into a large board. Believe it or not it’s actually also safer to learn to barefoot waterski, as if you should fall off you will be able to easily swim to safety, and won’t risk hitting yourself on your wakeboard or skiis. While it may be safer to learn to barefoot waterski though, it will also impress everyone looking on – particularly as many people aren’t even aware that barefoot waterskiing exists.

To learn to barefoot waterski you simply need to grab onto the handle and go, but without first strapping into skis or a wakeboard. This is understandably slightly more difficult to balance as you have a lot less surface area touching the water, and you need to adjust appropriately.


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