The central idea in wakeboarding then is to ‘ride’ the wake by steering on to it and letting it push your board forward. As the boat speeds up then you should move towards the top of the wake and attempt to stay there as much as possible. If you do not, then you will come across choppy bits of sea and other problems that can cause you to flip or fall off your wakeboard. At the same time riding the wake will help you to gain more speed.

For jumps you will be using a slightly different technique to jumping on land. Of course while your board provides some surface area, it can still penetrate the surface of the water and that means you’re not ‘pushing off’ as such. Instead the idea is to take much of your weight on the rope and then to use only a slight pushing motion before bringing your knees up to your chest with the wakeboard attached. This is a great way to clear obstacles and to pull off impressive tricks. To do the latter you will need to twist your body to make torque and be prepared to pass the handle behind yourself.


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